Friday, October 9, 2009

End of Great Books Week

Well, I skipped yesterday topic as it was what book did I hate in high school but love now. I didn't have an answer for the question since the ones I hated then I still don't like (Lord of the Flies), and all the other ones I had to read I liked or loved then and now.

Today's topic is "When I want to give someone a special gift, I give them [name of book] because…"

This is a bit of a tough question as well since I don't really have a consistent book that I give people, but I can think of a couple possibilities. There are two specific children's books that I love to give to new parents - Guess How Much I Love You and Harold and the Purple Crayon. The first speaks of love and the other of imagination and creativity...all things I believe in and want to share. Most of the time if I give a book as a gift, it's something that I specifically think the other person would like and thus it is closely tied to their personality and/or favorite genre.

I've enjoyed thinking about books this week. I think about them often anyways since I work in a library and love to read...but it was nice to read what others think about books too. Any book suggestions for me?

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