Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great Books Week - Day 3

Today's topic was hard at first since they asked for a classic book and I just couldn't think of one that seemed like my story. I tend to be drawn to characters and people who are more likely to be the opposite of me. But, then I remembered the character I felt the most kinship with and knew what to say. It isn't a classic book, but it's a favorite series of mine.

"I’d write my autobiography, but I don’t need to, because my story has already been told in…"

The Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn

I love these books, and thankfully for me this author just keeps writing more and more about my favorite characters and their continuing story. But it is Christy Miller who I have always felt most similar to. She is the main character of the first set of 12 books which detail her life in high school. My parents got me the series when I was abotu 16 or so and I quickly read through all 12 books and each one seemed to be so like my own life in so many ways. I could empathize with Christy Miller and there were even events that happened to her that were eerily similar to my life experiences. I love that it is a Christian series so God is always at the forefront of the stories, but the author's amazing detail and vivid descriptions and storylines kept me hooked. Christy Miller's story has continued on through other storylines and series which have a different main character, but she remains my favorite and the one I feel most reflects my life.

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