Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catching up

It’s been too long since I last updated this blog, but I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to say. The past few months have been quite difficult at times and in the midst of the challenging times I just didn’t feel like blogging. I still really don’t feel like blogging. But perhaps it will help to just write it down. Perhaps it won’t really help, but at least it will allow my blog to move on even if we aren’t completely able to move on.

First of all, though I do appreciate our ability to own a house, it has been challenging to get used to home ownership and all the financial aspects that come with it. While we have been able to pay our bills we’ve had a lot of learning “Uh Oh” moments that took large chunks out of our extra money. HOA monthly payments (including a large transfer fee), figuring out how much watering is “TOO” much and getting the bill that told us (Eek!), extra fees for going over our monthly cell phone minutes (we have since upgraded our plan), etc have made for some tight financial moments and some slight remorse for giving up the relative comfort of renting. But we do love having our three cats (though hubby hates the almost constant need to clean the litter box!), having more space and knowing that it is ours to do with as we please.

In October, the week before Josh’s parents had planned to move out of state, his Dad got unexpectedly sick and was admitted to the hospital with a serious infection due to a leak in his colon and intestines. He had major surgery and was in the hospital for almost a month with many ups and downs. Most of the time passed in a blur of roller coaster emotions, overnights spent in uncomfortable waiting room chairs, lots of eating out, and sitting and talking with family & friends who gathered to wait and pray. Sadly, on November 16, my father-in-law passed away and went home to meet the Lord. That week was spent with family who flew in for the memorial service, and though we were all sad I have to say it was time well spent together with my in-laws. This really does not adequately explain or show how truly hard that month was, but…it’s what I can say for now.

Most of December was spent working, dealing with grief, Josh helped his mom a lot as she prepared to move out of state just prior to Christmas, and I spent the end of the month enjoying my two week holiday from work. We didn’t have a lot of extra money this year and for the first time I did basically ALL my shopping on Christmas Eve! We managed to have a lovely Christmas spent with some of my family as well as my sister’s in-laws. I got some boxes unpacked, did some yardwork, framed some pictures and enjoyed several baking/craft days with my niece. I would have loved just one more week of vacation, but had to go back to work.

As usual, at least for me, I got sick once again at the beginning of the new year. It always seems to be something for me and this year it was a cold that turned into bronchitis. Thankfully I am feeling better finally, but the cough has lingered for a couple weeks. Unfortunately, it seems that I have passed on the cold to my sister and my mom…and it turned into an ear infection and bronchitis respectively. Hopefully we all get better soon.

The other big stress happened almost two weeks ago when our house was broken into and several pieces of technology stolen. Thankfully I was not home (I was sick that day and wanted to stay home, but had to work at least half day to cover the front desk of the library) and nothing was broken and our cats were fine. But the feeling of being violated and knowing that someone we don’t know went through our things has been challenging to get over. I just have to keep giving my anxiousness to God and trust that He will take care of me. I know it to be true, and I know that He did protect us already, but I still have to keep giving it up to Him when I feel afraid.

Life has been challenging and trying and difficult lately. But there have also been moments of joy and laughter and love. Thankfully God has filled our lives with wonderful friends and family who have come alongside us to support, encourage, cry, laugh, and just love us; and their influence on our lives has been so appreciated. I know God is in control and He has not been surprised by anything that has happened to us…so I just need to keep trusting and keep praying.

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Anonymous said...

in 2008, we had a pretty crappy year. we spent the last part of 2008 saying "we hate 2008, things will be fine in 2009." well....we were wrong. let's not do that again in 2010. ;)

here is to a better year starting NOW! :)