Monday, September 19, 2011

September so far...

Josh got a job!!! :) That is the best news we received this month and I didn't want to wait to share it. He was hired last week to be a server at Olive Garden. He is in training now and is really enjoying it so far. This has truly been a blessing because not only does Josh love being a server - this job pays minimum wage, plus tips...and includes benefits! Which means that he can continue getting his prescription for the medicine he needs for his Restless Leg Syndrome. Praise the Lord!!!!

God truly provided for us in the past two months while Josh was out of work. We were able to meet all our financial needs and had enough for my birthday celebrations as well as some fun too. He had opportunity to do some projects around the house, to sleep in when he felt like it, and to spend more time with friends and family. While we had our dark days, we continued to feel God working in our life and we never lost sight that God was in control and taking care of us.

July/August Updates

Well, I didn't succeed in writing a blog post every month, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. July & August were tough for a few reasons and I just didn't feel like blogging about them at the time. But here's a short recap so I can at least keep track.


  1. We made three kinds of ice cream - fresh peach (from our tree), fresh strawberry and creme brulee (from coffee creamer) - all were delicious.

  2. We had some friends over for brunch and tried a few new recipes - chocolate peanut butter coffeecake, Pioneer Woman bacon cheese biscuits, and an absolutely amazing fruit salad with mint sugar!

  3. I watched three films - The Godfather (finally!!), The Turning Point (lovely ballet) and Vanity Fair (a much more sympathetic treatment of Becky Sharp I thought).

  4. I read 8 books and the best one was The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams.

  5. Josh lost his job near the end of the month. It was a difficult situation, but God truly has been taking care of us.


  1. I tried some recipes that recreate North Woods Inn cabbage salad, blue cheese dressing and cheese bread. The cabbage was fabulous (!!!!!) but we loved all three recipes.

  2. Cooking Club began - our first session was at Sarah's and we had a great (and quick) time preparing chicken tacos and pico de gallo, enjoying fellowship and enjoying ice cream with delicious homemade chocolate sauce.

  3. I watched the French film I've Loved You So Long - it was sad, quiet and slow-paced, but I liked it and Kristin Scott Thomas was wonderful as always.

  4. I finally read the Hunger Games trilogy and loved them (can't wait for the film!); and I also read a few Walt Disney World memoirs that were interesting.

  5. My best friend ended our 17 year friendship which left me hurt, disappointed, angry and really sad. My heart breaks for her though and I hope that her future is blessed and at peace.

  6. I celebrated my birthday with a fabulous French dinner party hosted by my amazing and talented sister & brother-in-law - it was 5 courses of deliciousness with friends who I love dearly. I also got to celebrate with tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert (thanks Mom & Dad!) - she was awesome and it was a great evening.

We had our ups and downs these past few months, but God is still in control and He knows the plans He has for us. We are putting our trust in Him and that is the safest place to be.