Friday, June 26, 2009

Things are happening quickly

Last Friday we had our house inspection and appraisal. Both seemed to go well. Our inspection paperwork has already been emailed to us and all is well with the house. The biggest concerns were the two broken windows which we already knew about and which the seller will need to have repaired. Everything else mentioned is fairly cosmetic and easily or inexpensively repaired like leaky faucets, tiny rips in the kitchen linoleum, tree debris on the roof to be cleared, etc. All the appliances work, including the a/c, which I was concerned about as it isn't necessary by FHA rules that it be functioning - only that the heat works. :) There aren't any plumbing or electrical problems which is also an answer to prayer.

On Wednesday, we met with our realtor to give him a cashier's check for the the deposit. Right before we arrived, he received a bunch of information regarding our house - disclosures, escrow instructions, etc. This was the next step we were waiting for in the process. He needed some time to read and reveiw everything and we will meet with him either this afternoon or tomorrow to discuss it all and sign all the paperwork ready now. Things seem to be moving along pretty quickly which is exciting and also a bit nerve-racking as it means we are this much closer to being responsible homeowners. :)

I've included a few new pictures of the house - mostly of the upstairs since I didn't have any to post last time. There is also some updates to prayers, and some continued prayer requests. Thanks for supporting us with your love, prayers and encouragement...we appreciate it. *hugs*

Looking into the master bedroom, just beyond the door is the closet on the left side, and to the right is the master bathroom. The windows look out into the back yard.

Another view of the master bedroom.

Looking from the master bedroom toward the extra bedroom to the right and the office to the left. Stairway looks down into the entryway.

Looking into the guest bedroom - it is quite small, but has a large walk-in closet to the right behind the door. Cute windows overlook the front of the house and along the front walkway.

Looking into the office (middle doorway) which is larger than the guest bedroom; and the bathroom to the left.

A better picture of part of the kitchen. To the right is the door to the garage and walkway to guest bathroom and front door. To the left is the sink and counter. Behind is space for the refrigerator and a walk-in pantry, and opening to the dining room/family room.

Prayer Updates:
  1. House inspection is finished and requires few repairs. Cost was much lower than we expected as well.
  2. Paperwork is coming in quickly and seems to have few problems if any.

Prayer Requests:

  1. That all repairs would happen quickly, inexpensively, and easily.
  2. That any and all paperwork involved be handled with no complications or problems.
  3. That cleaning and preparing to move into our new home go smoothly.
  4. That the move process from our apartment to house go smoothly with little or nothing broken.
  5. That we get most, if not all, of our deposit back from our apartment complex.
  6. That there be no financial, spiritual, emotional, or physical setbacks or problems in the next few months as we prepare for this big change.
  7. That God will bless our realtor for all his help in this process, and also that he bless his wife and their new baby girl.
  8. For anything else that I can't think of or just don't know about yet.

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Aunty Diana said...

we are so happy for your new home. It is just gorgeous and I know that everything will work out, from the move to having things repaired. Can't wait to see it! Miss you lots! Aunty Diana and Uncle Howard