Thursday, June 18, 2009

House update

Last weekend we were able to visit the house to remind ourselves exactly what it looked like take measure all the room dimensions...and to enjoy that it looks pretty much like it's going to be our house. Josh's parents came along to see it, and Kelly & David and the kids stopped by too. Katelyn & Jonathan loved the stairs most of all and went up and down them at least 20 times in between hiding in the closets, running around in the empty bedrooms and laughing a lot! :)

We signed some additional papers yesterday (not sure exactly what they were, but basically they started the 10 days countdown of time to have a house inspection done). Tomorrow is the house inspection and we meet & pay the inspector at 3:30pm. Hopefully all will go well and once this is completed the seller will fix the two broken windows (in formal dining room and kitchen), and we move on to the next step of the process. Our realtor expects that escrow should close by the end of July and we should get the keys by early August hopefully. If this happens, we hope to have a big moving weekend on August 7-9 and we'd love any help we can get. We also plan to have a housewarming/Keri's 30th birthday party on August 29 at our new house. Invitations will be on the way next month, but please put it on your calendar as everyone is invited! :)

Here's some more pictures of the house, followed by some updates to the prayer requests.

Front door - needs to be sanded and we plan to repaint it a lovely dark blue color. Roses need to be pruned, but they smell divine and I love the pink, red and purple colors!

In the kitchen looking toward the back door, through what we will use as our dining room. To the left is where the fridge will go, next to a great walk-in pantry.

Front door is to the right with the half bathroom (open doorway) across from the stairs to the left...then leading into the kitchen with garage access.

Looking up the stairs to the two bedrooms and bathroom to the far right. The room with the large window will be the office, and next to it will be our guest bedroom (Winnie the Pooh themed). Master bedroom is behind and to the right and has a nice sized master bathroom (no pictures of it for now).

From the stairs looking down into the living room - our realtor Robert May in the picture.

Looking down into the formal dining room, but we will use it as an additional part of the living room making it kind of L-shaped.

Lovely staircase...can't you just imagine it wrapped in Christmas lights and greenery? :)

Some of the beautiful and delicious smelling roses along the front walkway.

Looking into the backyard at the giant shady pepper tree. There is a also a peach tree just out of the picture to the left full of ripening peaches. :)

Our soon-to-be house...isn't it lovely?

Prayer Updates:
  1. Immediate financial costs (deposit, house inspection, closing costs, etc) have been generously loaned to us by Kelly & David and Uncle David & Aunt Rasa. We are so grateful for their help. Thank you!
  2. We've spoken to one of the manager's of our apartment complex and discovered that we can give our 30 day notice at the beginning of July and still have a week or more past the 30 days in the apartment if necessary and only be charged a partial amount. This will help since we need to "live" in both places for at least a week or more to give time for cleaning and moving.
  3. The process has moved along fairly quickly so far and we are currently busy collecting financial documents that our mortgage guy Bryan needs, and as mentioned will take care of the house inspection tomorrow afternoon.

Continued prayer requests:

  1. That all inspections, repairs, etc would happen quickly, inexpensively, and easily.
  2. That any and all paperwork involved be handled with no complications or problems.
  3. That cleaning and preparing to move into our new home go smoothly.
  4. That the move process from our apartment to house go smoothly with little or nothing broken.
  5. That we get most, if not all, of our deposit back from our apartment complex.
  6. That there be no financial, spiritual, emotional, or physical setbacks or problems in the next few months as we prepare for this big change.
  7. That God will bless our realtor for all his help in this process, and also that he bless his wife and their new baby girl as they adjust to being a family.
  8. For anything else that I can't think of or just don't know about yet.

Thank you for all your love and support and prayers. We love you! *hugs*


Natty's Mommy said...

We are praying for you guys that this whole process goes as smoothly as possible!

Annette B said...

I'm so excited for you..thanks for the update. You will have to learn how to make peach jam.

Auntie terrianne said...

This so very cool - and I'm so happy for you both! What a wonderful home!!

Maribeth/Mom said...

"Beautiful...beautiful, wish we were there!" Name that movie! Finally got to see the pics today. G.G. amd Gramps kept us busy yesterday until 12:30 last night...learning a new card game that they've been playing with a group from church. We'll probably be teaching you because it's VERY addictive! Your house is gorgeous...can't wait until WE have OUR walkthru! We are so happy for you both. Mom ;-)