Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crowns & Clothes

So, yesterday I was able to see my previous dentist and get my crown reset. Thankfully the tooth cement had been working well and kept my crown temporarily in place since last Thursday. They cleaned up the area, took an X-ray and found no sign of decay or any problems. So $115 later, my crown was reset and good for at least another 10 years. :)

On Sunday, my sister and I visited a new store in Moreno Valley called Dress Barn. Can I just say that we LOVE LOVE LOVE this store!!!! We spent about 2 hours gleefully trying on just about everything in that store. The saleslady was very nice and helpful (knew she'd make a great sale off of us no doubt:), the dressing room was large and nicely air-conditioned and best of all the clothes were not only cute but they fit so nicely and often were in smaller sizes than we might think we wear. ;) I needed a dress to wear to my boss's wedding this coming weekend and was able to find one that is not only very pretty and flattering, but also only $20!

We found that many dresses looked good on me, but bad on Kelly. Or great on Kelly, but terrible on me. But then we found what we now refer to as the "Travelling Dresses" - 2 sexy and flattering dresses that look equally good on both of us. How this can even work when she is tall, I am short, and my chest is much larger than hers....but magically both looked so good we had to just sit and stare at ourselves wondering how can this be??? So, we bought them both of will live at my house and the other will live with Kelly. We plan to wear them on opposite days while in Vegas for my birthday weekend in August. In addition, I will bring the dress that I got for the wedding and Kelly has an adorable dress that suits her perfectly! Now we have gorgeous dressy/sexy outfits to wear to our fabulous dinners at Margaritaville, Delmonico Steakhouse and Rao's. :)

I love shopping with my sister and now we LOVE shopping at Dress Barn. But we must resist the impulse to visit too often otherwise our hubbies will get upset about all the money we spend! :) Good thing we know to keep most things in moderation.


Mandy said...

You need to post picts of these amazing treveling dresses so we can all ooh and ah over your purchases :).

Annette and Jerry said...

good news on the crown tell me...why could'nt your new dentist do that???? geeesh.

There is nothing better than finding a great dress at a great price (except maybe great shoes at a great price). Glad you had fun together AND that Kelly is feeling good enough to even GO shopping.

Becky said...

That is awesome about the dresses! What finds! I agree that you need to post pictures of the other dresses. The wedding one is beautiful and I imagine the others are stunning, too!