Wednesday, June 18, 2008


At lunch today while eating a piece of cheese, one of my crowns fell out. :( I called my dentist (who I have never been to) to find out when I could come in. They told me that because they did not install my crown, they cannot fix it and that I needed to see the dentist who installed the crown. So I call Canyon Crest Dental (who I actually liked, but do not accept my current dental insurance). They told me that anyone can fix a crown, but that they will take care of it. But...they have no openings until next Tuesday at 8am.

Now I apparently must wait almost a week with a huge empty hole in my mouth...unless they have a cancellation and can fit me in sooner. I'm a bit stressed about whether or not it will cost anything. I think it shouldn't since a crown is supposed to last longer than 9 years (I got this one in 1999 apparently). But since they don't take my insurance if there is a cost it will be out-of-pocket...though they do accept CareCredit which we have due to all Josh's teeth issues. So if it does cost, hopefully we have enough left on our $2500 limit to cover it.

Pray for me...I get too emotional about anything remotely emotional and just sat at my desk crying because of this. I want to get it taken care of sooner, but feel unprepared to call my dentist and ask them to just take care of it...all they have to do is re-set the crown. I know that this is serving as a reminder that I need to finally go get a's been 6 years. Yes, I know that is too long...yes, I should have been going twice a year...but I haven't and nothing can change that fact. But I guess it's time....:(

Hopefully Gentle Dental really is gentle or I will be even more annoyed.

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Annette and Jerry said...

I think that is terrible that your dentist wouldn't fix it. That is ridiculous to say that won't fix it because they didn't install it. Does that mean that if you had moved from out of state you'd have to go back to the state you came from to fix it? I don't think so!! I've never heard of anything so silly...having lived in 4 states and having a husband with a mouth full of crowns (that always inconviently pop off) that I've NEVER heard of that "rule". Glad you found a temp solution and that you like the dentist you are going to see. love you