Sunday, January 11, 2009


With the new year often comes the desire to make changes, or resolutions, as we like to call them. They are often very specific and in general they can be overwhelming and all to easily forgotten or given up on. I am no exception. But I do want to make some attempt for change, and so have come up with four things I would like to do in this new year.

They are purposely not extremely specific for I do not want to become overwhelmed and give up on them. They are not something I can fail once and say oh well, better luck next year. They are decidedly vague and hopefully able to continue throughout the year. I want to do my best to keep at them, and perhaps you who read my blog can help keep me accountable and ask me if I am doing what I've decided to do. Please pray for me and encourage me if you'd like...I would appreciate and enjoy that.

#1 - Walk more
We all have to walk and we all could stand to walk more. I purposely did not choose to say exercise more, or lose weight. Though I would like to do those things they are so specific that I would set myself up for failure. But I can always walk more...whether it be taking a few laps around the library at work, parking my car further from wherever I need to be, or purposely deciding to walk as exercise. My best friend Angela did suggest that we get together a couple times a week to walk and talk...and we will begin that this week. Whether or not we meet every week is not my goal...but choosing to start each day with a desire to walk more somehow...and realize that even if I don't do it once, twice or for 3 weeks or more I can start up again the next day and it will still be a success. :)

#2 - Eat better
Once again this can mean a variety of things and in general I want it to mean that I make more purposeful choices about what I am eating. I don't want to forbid myself from eating anything and I don't want to limit myself to a strict diet that I will surely cheat or give up on. I want to make an effort to eat breakfast every day and try to make sure that it is something filling and somewhat healthy. I want to try to eat out less often and cook at home more often. But I will still make time for semi-monthly Taco Tuesdays, or dinners out with friends, or wanting pizza at Shakey's. I can do those things on occasion and still make good food choices. I am also in the process of readingEat This, Not That: the no-diet weight loss solution by David Zinczenko. I love the idea of not limiting myself, but still making healthier food choices. I am also hoping to limit the amount of soda that I drink and making the choice to drink water or tea instead...and milk and juices on occasion.

#3 - Make time for the people who matter to me
I think that Josh & I already try really hard to do this the majority of the time. We often think about which of our friends we've seen recently and try to get together with people at least every other month or more. Josh has a monthly guy's game night, and I have a monthly girl's movie night. I try to keep in contact with friends and family through email, Facebook, MySpace or phone calls....or in person or through cards sent in the mail. But I know I can always do more to let people know that they matter to me and that I care about them. I know there are some people that I haven't kept in touch with as well as I should...and it is my intention to try harder this year. Making time for the people who matter to me is of vital importance to me and I believe that every little bit helps.

#4 - Do things that make me smile
This is a little vague...even for me and I came up with the idea! :) Basically I want to make sure that I make time for the things that make me smile, happy, joyful, or at peace. Maybe it's to read more books, or play with my niece and nephew. Perhaps it means visiting Disneyland more often, or buying fresh flowers. It could be taking time to draw or paint or scrapbook, cooking meals that I always want to but never make time for, or just sitting on the couch vegging out with my hubby for an entire weekend! What kinds of things make YOU smile?

I'd love to hear from those of you who read my blog...either post a comment or send me an email. Tell me what you think of my goals...what are your goals this year? Let me know if I need to make time for you. Thanks for reading! *hugs*

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