Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Dress & weddings

Me & Josh before the wedding - photo shoot at my sister's house. :)

One of my new Dress Barn dresses. :) I felt very pretty in this dress and it was quite comfortable as well.

Erica & Brian Walker -
the happy couple :)

Some of the library staff at our boss Erica's wedding on Sunday. It was a beautiful wedding and she was a beautiful bride. All of the staff was at the wedding, but not all of us stayed for the recption. From left to right - Barry, Helen, me, Brian & Erica, Steve and Vi.


Annette and Jerry said...

that dress DOES look fab on you! You SHOULD feel pretty in it...because you are! Nice pics from the wedding...the one of the bride is especially nice.

Annette and Jerry said...

i'm not sure if my post went through? so to make sure...you SHOULD feel pretty in that dress..because you ARE pretty in that dress (well and even when not in that dress). Also love the wedding photo especially the one of the bride. love Aunt A