Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goal completed!

It took me until December 31 in the late afternoon, but I was able to complete my goal of reading a book for each letter of the alphabet in 2010. I'm glad that I did this as it allowed me the opportunity to read some books that, while I did intend to read them eventually, were very thought-provoking and interesting.

Here's my list of books I've read this past year from A to Z. If you check out my Good Reads profile ( ) you can see how I rated them and if I wrote a review. In total I read 73 books in 2010 - most were really good, and some I absolutely loved.

A ~ Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

B ~ Burning the map by Laura Caldwell

C ~ Certain girls by Jennifer Weiner

D ~ The dirt on clean: an unsanitized history by Katherine Ashenburg

E ~ An embarrassment of mangoes: a Caribbean interlude by Ann Vanderhoof

F ~ The Frugal Gourmet keeps the feast: past, present & future by Jeff Smith

G ~ Grace under pressure: Grey's Anatomy uncovered by Hillary Robson

H ~ The host by Stephenie Meyer

I ~ Insatiable: tales from a life of delicious excess by Gael Greene

J ~ The joy of doing things badly: a girl's guide to love, life & foolish bravery by Veronica Chambers

K ~ Kings of Madison Avenue: the unofficial guide to Mad Men by Jesse McLean

L ~ Love and other impossible pursuits by Ayelet Waldman

M ~ The mermaids singing by Lisa Carey

N ~ The next thing on my list by Jill Smolinski

O ~ Orange is the new black: my year in a women's prison by Piper Kerman

P ~ Pretty in plaid: a life, a witch, and a wardrobe, or the wonder years before the condescending, egomanical, self-centered smart-ass phase by Jen Lancaster

Q ~ Queen of babble by Meg Cabot

R ~ Rachel's holiday by Marian Keyes

S ~ Serenity found: more unauthorized essays on Joss Whedon's Firefly universe by Jane Espenson

T ~ The time traveler's wife by Audrey Niffenegger

U ~ Unbearable lightness by Portia de Rossi

V ~ The virgin suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

W ~ What we eat when we eat alone by Deborah Madison

X ~ Exes and ohs by Beth Kendrick

Y ~ A year in the world: journeys of a passionate traveller by Frances Mayes

Z ~ The zookeeper's wife: a war story by Diane Ackerman

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